Baggi, Distt Mandi

Minerva College Of Education


College Magazine

To inspire the students for creative writing the college publishes its magazine “MINERVA”. The students can contribute their articles in it.

Seminars, Extensive Lectures and Meetings

Weekly Seminars and Tutorial group meetings will be held for an informal discussion on topics related to the curriculum. Noted educationists, scholars and professionals will be invited to address the students and teachers on different subjects. Once in a week the staff and the students will get together where they can have an opportunity to give informative talks on education, religion and morality. Presence of all students and members of the college is compulsory. Absentee students will be fined.

Sports and Games

The college has an intensive facility for indoor and outdoor games and sports. The college has two playgrounds within the campus to organize different sports and games.


The college has a canteen on the campus to serve snacks and meals to students and guests.

Tours and Cultural Activities

Study visits, cultural programs, etc. are in full measure.


Scholarships are granted for meritorious students as per the national and state scholarship programs of the government.